Tuesday, April 2, 2013

flud water jus cant pile up in som heep

som wumin cums to mi howse an tel me i shud cum to chush. shee wood pik mi up. so i say i don’t no cuz i don’t hav eny gud cloos. i say i wud purfur not too. so shee say shee got bibul in her car an shee gits it. it look on ushul an shee say its a nu inter axual vurshun. i say i yust to reed wun by mister king jame.  it git sook’d in flud wen water kame rite intoo mi howse. shee say hers is bout same as king jame. shee say i kin hav it fur free. i say no an giver wun dolur. shee leev an i start areedin. hole worl it say is creeatid en jus six day. som extperts say difernt an som say bibul is rite. i keep areedin. flud an big ark is interstin but som extperts say difernt and som say bibul is rite. an i reed bout mosus an tin plage an it hard to bleve but i jus keep gowin til i git to wer it say joshuwer be crosin a river en som flud an he wanna git crost to othur side an flud water jus pile up. i no sush aint tru. cant bee. for neer atey yeers i liv on bregadoor trale an i sees so minee flud an not wunse do water jus pile up so i cud jus go crost. so i jus kwit reedin nu inter axtual vurshun an i wunder wat ole king jame wud say. i no yer sayin im jus an ole on edikated wumin. mabee yu say im wite trashe but i no fur shur flud water jus cant pile up in som heep as nu inter axual bibul say it dun for ole joshuwer.

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